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Jinan Truepro is a manufacturer of window machine,insulating glass processing machine and curtain wall machine with well-equipped testing equipment and strong technical force.With a wide range,good quality,reasonable prices and stylish designs,our products are extensively used in building materials and other industries.Hope we can cooperate with you.

  • Precautions and maintenance for glass washing and drying machine

    Glass washing and drying machine is an efficient glass cleaning equipment, which can be used for cleaning and drying of insulating glass before manufacturing to ensure a clean surface. Today I will explain the precautions and maintenance of glass washing and drying machine for everyone.

  • Causes and solutions of double-head cutting machine

    Dual head cutting machine often appears in the process of using materials, what is the reason? How to solve the double-head cutting machine? Below I will analyze the reasons and solutions for the double-head cutting machine.

  • What are the classifications of glass lifter machine

    The glass lifter machine is a lifting device for automobile door and window glass, which is composed of a motor, a reducer, a guide rope, a guide plate, a glass mounting bracket and the like. So what are the classifications of glass lifter machine? Let ‘s take a look together.