Causes and solutions of double-head cutting machine


Dual head cutting machine often appears in the process of using materials, what is the reason? How to solve the double-head cutting machine? Below I will analyze the reasons and solutions for the double-head cutting machine.

  The double-head cutting machine will cause the cutting saw blade to wear too fast or even be scrapped. After the material is cut, the defect rate will increase and the cost of consumables will increase. This is the cause of customer confusion, but customers generally do not have the ability to solve this problem.

  How to solve this problem? It depends on the customer's control of the equipment structure, cutting width, sawing, etc. The solution is to ensure that each side of the material can be cut, and the saw blade has a certain thickness, so that the waste material is directly discharged through the way of aluminum scraps, and the double-head cutting machine saw blade phenomenon will not occur.

double-head cutting machine

  The second type, the cutting workpiece is too small. The phenomenon of punching occurs because the cutting workpiece is too small. Generally, it is mainly caused by the problem of pressing, the material is not compacted, or it will be loose during the sawing process.

  So how to solve this phenomenon? At this time, the placement position and angle of the material, as well as the balance between the side pressure and the front sawing, must be considered. Generally, the balance relationship can be solved by adjusting the balance relationship.

  Therefore, in this case, either replace a better, high-precision double-head cutting machine. If the equipment is not replaced, the equipment manufacturer must also maintain the equipment. However, due to the wear and tear caused by long-term use, the effect of maintenance is not good. Large, because the equipment itself is not very good in all aspects when it leaves the factory.

  The above is the introduction of the reasons and solutions of the double-head cutting machine. I hope everyone understands the reasons and solutions of the double-head cutting machine, and it will be helpful to everyone.

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