Precautions and maintenance for glass washing and drying machine


Glass washing and drying machine is an efficient glass cleaning equipment, which can be used for cleaning and drying of insulating glass before manufacturing to ensure a clean surface. Today I will explain the precautions and maintenance of glass washing and drying machine for everyone.

  Precautions for use of glass washing and drying machine

  1. Be sure to turn on the blower first, then turn on the heater. Turn off the heater first and then the blower.

  2. When the thickness of the glass plate changes, be sure to adjust the height of the upper knife first, otherwise it will cause a damage accident.

  3. Before stopping the transmission motor, be sure to lower the speed regulator to zero.

  4.Emergency stop button is provided at the inlet and outlet ends, which can be used in emergency situations.

  5. The glass must be placed within the limit of the feed break.

  6. When adding tap water to the washing water tank, the water level cannot exceed 250mm. When the water level is below 200mm, add water in time.

  7. Before cleaning the glass, be sure to fill the sponge roller with water to make it absorb water and swell before use.

glass washing and drying machine

  Glass washing and drying machine maintenance matters

  It is very important to carry out daily maintenance and maintenance on the glass washing and drying machine. Usually you should always observe the machine's moving parts, waterway system, airway system, and electrical system. In case of abnormal conditions, immediately stop the machine for inspection.

  Maintenance of waterway system

  The water system water is recycled, the water storage tank should be replaced every day, to ensure a clean wash water. Clean the water tank and filter device once a month. The water spray condition can be monitored through the observation hole on the cover of the cleaning section. If clogging is found, stop the pump to open the cover, remove the water nozzle, and clear the installation.

  Maintenance of air duct system

  Regularly check the operation of the blower, stop immediately in case of an abnormal sound, the maintenance department inspection reports. Every two months to the air inlet filter for cleaning the gate, usually a blower to maintain clean room, to prevent dust suction air passage is, contaminate the glass.

  Maintenance of the sponge roller: a hydrophilic polymer sponge roller PVA (polyvinyl alcohol) is made (case of a continuous foamed pores molecule). Having an OH group, good hydrophilic property, water absorption capacity of up to 8-10 times its weight and so on. The general temperature between 0-60 deg.] C, no or one o'clock apparatus indoor temperature is below 0 ℃ should prevent the deformation of the sponge roller or a dehydrating condensing dry ice, should avoid curing in water for aging and shortened lifespan.

  These are the precautions after use and maintenance matters introduction, I hope you understand the use of glass cleaning and maintenance considerations regarding matters dryer glass washing and drying machine, to help everyone.

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