What are the classifications of glass lifter machine


       The glass lifter machine is a lifting device for automobile door and window glass, which is composed of a motor, a reducer, a guide rope, a guide plate, a glass mounting bracket and the like. So what are the classifications of glass lifter machine? Let ‘s take a look together.

  1. Arm-type glass lifter machine. It adopts a cantilevered support structure and a gear tooth plate mechanism, so the working resistance is large. Its transmission mechanism is a gear tooth plate and meshing transmission. Except for gears, its main components are plate structures, which are easy to process and low in cost. It is currently widely used in domestic vehicles.

  2. Single-arm glass lifter machine. Its structure is characterized by only one lifting arm, the structure is the simplest, but because the relative position between the supporting point of the lifting arm and the center of mass of the glass often changes, the glass will tilt and stagnate when it is raised and lowered. This structure is only suitable for the two sides of the glass are parallel Straight edge case.

  3. Double-arm glass lifter machine. Its structure is characterized by two lifting arms, which are divided into parallel arm lifters and cross-arm lifters according to the arrangement of the two arms. Compared with single-arm glass lifter machines, the two-arm glass lifter machines themselves can guarantee The glass is raised and lowered in parallel, and the lifting force is relatively large. Among them, the cross-arm glass lifter machine has a large supporting width, so the movement is relatively stable, and it is generally used. The parallel arm type glass lifter machine has a relatively simple and compact structure, but because of the small support width and large change in working load, the smoothness of movement is not as good as the former.

  4. Rope wheel glass lifter machine. It consists of the meshing of pinion, fan gear, wire rope, moving bracket, pulley, pulley, seat plate gear. The pulley fixedly connected to the sector gear is driven, thereby driving the steel wire rope, and the tightness of the steel wire rope can be adjusted by the tensioning wheel. The lifter has few parts, is light in weight, easy to process, and takes up little space. It is often used in small cars.

  5. Belt glass lifter machine. Its flexible shaft uses plastic perforated belt, and other parts also use plastic products, which greatly reduces the quality of the lifter assembly itself. The transmission mechanism is all coated with grease, no maintenance is required during use, and the movement is smooth. The position of the joystick handle can be freely arranged, designed, installed and adjusted.

  6. Cross-arm glass lifter machine. It is composed of a seat plate, a balance spring, a fan tooth plate, a rubber strip, a glass bracket, a driving arm, a driven arm, a guide groove plate, a gasket, a moving spring, a rocker, and a pinion shaft.

  7. Flexible glass lifter machine. The transmission mechanism of the flexible automobile glass lifter machine is a soft-shaft gear transmission. It has the characteristics of "flexible", so its setting and installation are relatively flexible and convenient, its structural design is relatively simple, and its structure is compact and its overall weight is light.

  The above is the introduction of the classification of glass lifter machine. I hope that everyone will be helpful after understanding the classification of glass lifter machine.

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