What mechanical equipments are needed for UPVC door and window processing?


UPVC doors and windows are made of polychlorohexene resin as the main raw material, plus stabilizers, colorants and other extruded materials, and then cut and welded by UPVC door and window machines to form door and window frame fans, equipped with sealing strips, wool strips, and hardware at the same time, steel lining (reinforcing ribs) needs to be filled in the cavity of the profile that exceeds a certain length, so that the door window is made. Usually, people use such doors and windows in their lives. However, what door and window machinery and equipment are needed for the processing and production of UPVC doors and windows? Today, Jinan Truepro CNC will give you a comprehensive introduction.

upvc window processing machine

The first machine needed is the cutting equipment for UPVC doors and windows. This type of equipment mainly includes double-head cutting saws for UPVC doors and windows, V-cutting saws for UPVC doors and windows, and cutting saws for UPVC doors and windows and glass bead cutting. Among them, the double-head saw is the most important. This kind of door and window equipment is used for the cutting of PVC door and window frames and fan profiles. Sometimes the cutting of medium-sized materials can also be used (but you need to calculate the size yourself). At first, the cutting size of the double-head saw was inaccurate, and you need to reset it. First of all, you can cut a length of UPVC profile with a double-head saw, and then measure the precise size with a meter ruler, and finally set the vernier under the saw head on the right to the corresponding position. As for the V-cut saw and batten saw in the UPVC door and window equipment, the main purpose is to adjust the height of the working table of the equipment to ensure that the cut profile reaches the appropriate depth. There is one thing everyone must remember: in the UPVC door and window equipment, whether it is a double-head saw, a V saw, or a bead saw, the cutting length must be 3mm above the length you want to cut. For example, if you want to cut a window of 1000mm×1000mm, you need to cut out four profiles with a length of 1003mm. Because plastic-steel doors and windows are welded, a 3mm profile must be melted each time.

The second machine is welding equipment. Welding machines mainly include two-position welding machine for UPVC doors and windows, three-position welding machine for UPVC doors and windows, and four-position welding machine for UPVC doors and windows. The difference between these types of equipment is the number of welding heads and the level of processing efficiency. Two-position welding can only weld one window at a time, three-position welding can also weld mid-strength when welding windows, and four-position welding machine can weld two windows at the same time. Generally speaking, UPVC door and window companies doing engineering mainly use the latter two, while the plastic-steel equipment of most individual plastic-steel door and window processing shops are mainly two-position welders. Welding machine is a very important door and window equipment in the process of processing and manufacturing UPVC doors and windows, and it is also the door and window equipment with the most possibility that problems occur. As for the repair and maintenance of UPVC door and window welding equipment, the editor will introduce it in the future news. I hope everyone will pay attention to it.

Finally, there are corner cleaning and milling equipment for UPVC doors and windows. Relatively speaking, the importance of these devices is small. PVC door and window corner cleaning equipment is mainly used to clean up the weld bead left by welding after the PVC door and window are formed to achieve a beautiful effect. Milling equipment is mainly used for processing UPVC door and window sinks and keyholes.

In summary, there are four main types of mechanical equipment required for the processing of UPVC doors and windows: UPVC doors and windows cutting equipment, UPVC doors and windows welding equipment, UPVC doors and windows corner clearing equipment, and UPVC doors and windows milling equipment. Each type of plastic-steel door and window equipment has its own characteristics. I hope everyone can use their own strengths to process and produce high-quality plastic-steel doors and windows.

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