A must-see for novices: What equipment and machinery are needed to produce insulating glass?


Insulating glass was invented by the Americans in 1865. It is a good new building material with the characteristics of heat insulation and sound insulation. With the development of the domestic glass processing industry and people's continuous in-depth understanding of the advantages and performance of insulating glass, its application scope is expanding. At present, the market has been in short supply, which has also led to many newcomers joining the insulating glass production industry. In the future, what equipment and materials do we need to produce insulating glass? The editor here is going to popularize these novice friends, I hope this article can help you all!

insulating glass machine

Before we want to know what equipment is required to produce insulating glass, we need to understand what steps are required to produce insulating glass. Based on this, we will introduce to you what equipment we need in each link.

The production of insulating glass generally needs to go through the following steps: glass cutting → edging → washing and drying → frame making → filling desiccant → coating butyl glue → frame upper → lamination and pressing → sealing glue → curing, etc. Process. The following editor will give you a detailed introduction to the mechanical equipment corresponding to each specific process.

1. Glass cutting

We can use a glass cutting machine to complete the glass cutting work. Its advantages are high precision, fast efficiency and can cut small pieces of glass in various shapes such as round and rectangular. Efficiency and quality are much higher than manual cutting! High-quality glass cutting can reduce the workload of the next process edging and improve the overall work efficiency.

We can use a glass edging machine for this process, but the editor does not recommend using a glass edging machine. We can use manual hand polishing for the glass edging. We can use a manual angle grinder with a diamond wheel to polish the glass as a whole If the thickness of the glass is thin, it is recommended to use whetstone for polishing. The advantage of whetstone polishing is that the smooth and high quality of the glass is not easy to break, and it is easy to polish thin glass with an angle grinder or other edging equipment. There is a broken glass!

Two, cleaning and drying

We can use a glass washer for the cleaning and drying process in the production of insulating glass. This equipment is also one of the necessary equipment for the production of insulating glass. It takes too long to manually clean and dry the glass, which seriously affects the whole of the insulating glass. Processing efficiency, the glass washing machine can not only clean the surface of the glass, but also dry the cleaned glass at the same time. After the glass processing is completed, it can directly enter the next process for convenience and quickness. Here I suggest small and medium-sized enterprises to buy horizontal glass cleaning The machine is cheap and efficient, and it also saves workshop space.

Three, frame making

Frame making is what we often say is that the aluminum strip is bent according to our order requirements for insulating glass! The equipment we will use in this process is an aluminum bar bending machine. The editor also recommends the use of mechanical equipment in this step. The equipment we want to use in this step is an aluminum bar bending machine. Its advantage is high efficiency and the overall appearance of the processed aluminum bar. The most important thing is that there is little loss of raw materials. Manual bending will waste a lot of aluminum bars, and even skilled workers will lose raw materials.

Four, coating butyl rubber

The equipment we need to use in this process is a butyl rubber coating machine, which can quickly complete the entire process with far higher manual efficiency, and the processed aluminum strip is also very beautiful as a whole. Butyl glue can also be perfectly and evenly attached to the surface of the aluminum strip.

Five, the upper frame, the combination of the tablet and the tablet

In fact, these two steps can be replaced manually. Of course, if you have sufficient budget, you can also use the loading machine to operate. However, the difference and efficiency between the use of mechanical operation and manual operation in this process is not very huge. It can basically be within our tolerance. If your budget is enough, you can use a film loading machine to replace labor, but this equipment is not necessary for us to produce insulating glass.

Six, sealing glue

The sealing of insulating glass is the most important and time-consuming process in the entire insulating glass production process. This process is strongly recommended for everyone to use the insulating glass glue machine. Manual gluing is not only inefficient, product quality, and aesthetics are greatly compromised. The most important thing is that it also causes a lot of waste to the colloid itself. Sealing a piece of insulating glass requires at least 1 or 2 workers to operate. The cutting efficiency is low and the workload is large. The technical requirements of the workers are very high, and the insulating glass glue machine can perfectly solve all the problems.

I have introduced the equipment necessary for the production of insulating glass here. The equipment required for the entire production process are glass cutting machine, glass washing machine, aluminum bar bending machine, butyl rubber coating machine, Hollow glass gluing machine, of course, if you have sufficient funds, you can also buy another loading machine.

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