UPVC door and window welding machine


The most important thing in processing UPVC doors and windows is the welding machine, which is the most important when welding white or colored profiles. At present, the welding machines are mainly divided into color seamless welding machines and white seam welding machines. Four-position welding is more commonly used. Here are some welding machines that we do for PVC and UPVC doors and windows.

Colored doors and windows are divided into single-sided color, double-sided color, color supply, and film-coated ones. All of them can use our double-sided seamless welding machine. The welding is firm, the surface is beautiful, and there are no traces. It is required equipment for processing color PVC doors and windows. Of course, if you want to use a seamless welder for the white profile, you can save the time for cleaning the corners, which is a little overkill.

upvc window welding machine

Truepro four-position seamless welding machine for UPVC doors and windows

The seamless welding machine for doors and windows used for colored UPVC profiles has been on the market for nearly ten years. At firtst many defects have been found in the production process of doors and windows: the tumor can not be squeezed out, the stability of the machine is poor, and the corner strength is low. After years of research and hundreds of experiments, the problems that plagued the development of seamless welding machines for doors and windows have been completely improved, and substantial breakthroughs have been made. The features of this machine are as follows:

1. Anti-opening welding device for inner corners of doors and windows

2. Prevent profile extrusion (run-out) during welding. 

3. In order to ensure the stability of the lead pressure, a guide side plate is specially installed.

4. The latest design of this machine widens the vertical plate of the sliding seat to make the lead pressure more stable.

5. It adopts double-piston sealing ring of m-type tandem cylinder.

6. Using Mitsubishi PC to make the program more stable

7. Seven-inch color touch screen, all programs and time can be adjusted, welding count, anti-opening welding switch, operation display can be increased at the same time, and the configuration can be encrypted for seven times.

8. The latest design of the cross atrium dedicated backing board.

9. Use the exhaust gas discharged from the machine as the blowing air source to ensure the air supply required by the machine.

10. The angle strength of this machine is 21.5% higher than similar products.

Used for welding uPVC color profiles, including laminating, two-color co-extrusion, etc. After the welding is completed, the weld bead will be cleaned up at one time. The secondary extrusion function guarantees higher welding strength.

High-precision linear bearing guideway pair ensures long-term accuracy.

The front and rear pressure plate pressure adjustment device realizes independent adjustment of the pressure of the front and rear pressure plates.

The profile pre-heating system greatly reduces the internal stress of welding, thereby improving the internal quality of doors and windows. Automatic repeat positioning/release function, maintaining the accuracy of multiple repeated processing.

The 0.2mm-2mm welding seam is limited in choice, and the profile is more widely used. After the color profile is welded, the surface weld is very beautiful and high-end, and the welding strength is higher than the corner strength of the original profile.

The welding head is free and self-closing, and a variety of welding combinations can be realized.

Professional mold configuration, designed and manufactured according to different profiles, to ensure welding quality.

Quickly change welding dies.

Operate with both hands at the same time to ensure safety.

Pressure protection/alarm device to ensure that the machine only meets the requirements. Start and work under air pressure to achieve effective quality control and avoid the production of substandard products.

Welding constant temperature system to ensure welding quality.

Input power: 380V/220V 50HZ

Input power: 4.5Kw

Working pressure: 0.5-0.8Mpa

Air consumption: 270L/min

Height of welding profile: 20-120mm

Welding profile width: 140mm

Dimensions: 5500×1100×2000mm

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